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Sharjeel has and continues to be instrumental in the development of Connexus Consultants & Co. From the early days of his first clients to today with the firm’s growing reputation in the accounting, taxation and media industry, he has retained his personal interest and passion for supporting and looking after his clients. Sharjeel is at home dealing with a runner starting out on their career path to a Director. With the growth of the practice, he has focused on ensuring the team grows with him and that they share his interest for the accounting and media industry and looking after various sector of business, financial and tax planning and media marketing.

Sharjeel’s work with his clients covers a wide range of services from budgeting and sales and acquisitions to project fundraising. 

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Ehtisham Suleman Zahid



Ehtisham has focused on looking after the accountancy, tax and financial advisory needs of individuals and businesses for over many years. He has a well established portfolio of clients which include companies, directors, and individuals.

Ehtisham prides himself on his understanding of the taxation His pragmatic and professional yet personable approach is well received by his clients. In addition to ensuring the financial affairs of his clients are in order, Ehtisham also supports clients in terms of specialist tax and financial advice.

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Waseem Siddiqui



Waseem has a track record of working at senior levels internationally in diversified industry from professional practices to manufacturing, banking, shipping, engineering, construction, insurance, trading, consultancy, charities etc. Integrates services for best quality and value to clients on banking, finance, taxation, internal audit, GRC and corporate affairs.

Working in the city for over 20 years provided solution to managing corporate finances tailored to suit each client’s needs. Proven strategic and commercial skills at Board level and a proven track record in the review of acquisition targets, due diligence and business integration, as well as providing a hands-on approach to assess the broader strategic issues and providing immediate solutions.

Compliance to internal policies, procedures and governance as per board’s directives, compliance to regulations and statutory requirements, change management, assessment and suitability of the internal control systems and implementation of corporate structuring requirements.

Fraud investigation, complaints handling, Anti Bribery Act, Conflict of Interest, fair treatment of customers and mapping of regulator’s business principles, guidance and instructions in the culture of the clients.

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Zaid Ali Minhas


Zaid is responsible for looking after a growing portfolio of media marketing clients. In particular his focus is on ensuring clients’ affairs are managed in a timely and efficient manner and that their financial affairs are in order. He is also on hand to provide advice about general media planning and compliance, along with the use of cloud accounting apps and software to make record keeping easier.

Whilst clients benefit from his expertise as media development consultant, they also benefit from his knowledge and understanding of the social media industry. Prior to joining Connexus Consultants & Co, Zaid qualified with a MSc in International Project Management. He welcomes the opportunity and challenge of being part of a firm totally dedicated to the industry, with a broader service provision and diversity of clients.

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