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Having worked on countless websites over the years we’ve developed a methodology that allows us to quickly build websites that deliver on your design and provide outstanding user experience and security.

Website development is all about taking a user centric design and turning that into a fast, technically robust and mobile responsive website or ecommerce store. The site or store needs to be slick, so users will have enough confidence in your brand to leave their details or to make a purchase. It needs to be fast and responsive with best practice technical SEO, so Google will give you a better search rank. And most importantly it needs to live on good quality hosting so it will be secure, with regular backups and maintenance so there are no nasty surprises in the future.

The options for how the website or store are built out essentially fall into two main categories: Custom HTML where speed, along with the look and user experience are the most important outcomes or it can be built around a CMS [content management system]. Using a CMS has become very popular and provides an easy to use platform which allows your team to edit, update and publish new content or create and market new products without needing a technical web development resource.


Having a fast and responsive website which brings your company to life and makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch has helped countless

business to grow much faster and with relatively modest budgets. Conversely, a poor website, which is slow to load with complex navigation, which does not scale properly on all mobile devices puts your business at risk of missing out on good quality leads from high paying customers.

This is our guiding ethos during web development projects, we’re not just a bunch of coders churning out websites because that’s what we get paid to do. We’re incredibly aware that our job is to help you grow your business online and the work we do is central to your new client acquisition strategy.

Before we kick off any website development project we need to carefully consider how your business will use the website both today and way off into the

future. If it’s important to create and update events, regularly publish content, along with having fresh slider images and hero messages, then we’ll be building the site around a content management system. Alternatively, if it’s more important to have the best looking site along with lightning performance and a message and proposition that don't change often then we’ll be coding your site from scratch with custom HTML.


Having an excellent ecommerce store allows smaller and niche retailers to get their products in front of a much larger potential customer base and allows bigger businesses with bricks and mortar retail experience to have a direct to consumer online strategy. In either case the store needs to be fast, responsive, secure and reliable so potential customers have the confidence to trust in your business and commit to spending money with you online.

Given the complexity around ecommerce payment gateway regulation, we would usually recommend using a platform like Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce rather than going full custom build, unless you have a six-figure budget, which for most businesses is an insane number. Each of these platforms has its pros and cons but we aim to limit the cons by selecting the right platform for your specific project, products and revenue targets.


In addition to making the stores super fast and user-friendly, well also code any HTML emails for order confirmations, cart abandonment and account creation to keep all communications best practice and on brand. We'll install ecommerce tracking to make it easier to measure your results against all marketing channels. And it goes without saying that any ecommerce store is tested to within an inch of its life on all devices before it’s considered safe to launch.

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