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The best thing about online advertising is that it’s available to almost all businesses, you can control costs with a fixed monthly budget and it’s 100% measurable, so you can correlate ad spend with business growth. Online advertising can help you achieve all of your online marketing goals. You can grow awareness of your brand in new territories and to new audiences. You can have people consider your products and services if they are already in the market for what you do. You can educate potential customers about the brand, provide case studies and explain deeply technical issues, using moving image and video. Most importantly you can reach potential customers at their point of need, bring them to your website and generate leads and sales.

Google Ads


Google Ads [formally AdWords] is probably the most well known PPC marketing solution, it truly is a platform that can help you hit all your online marketing goals [when it’s done properly]. Of the many benefits to Google Ads we’ve found that easy & flexible monthly budgeting, immediate impact on leads and sales, 100% directly attributable results and real time insight are the ones that make it a world beater.

Chances are you fall into 1 of 3 categories. You’re new to online advertising and need an agency to help shape your initial campaigns. You’ve been managing AdWords inhouse, seen some good results and want to know if you can take it to the next level using a certified partner. Or you’ve already got an agency but you’d like to have a second opinion on whether they are getting the best return on your advertising budget.



Google search advertising is one of the most powerful tools in the online advertising armoury. It allows you to be at the very top of a google search when your potential customers are looking for the products and services you offer. It allows a business of any size to compete for the clicks that will lead directly to leads and sales.



For an ecommerce business, Google Shopping can be an invaluable direct to consumer advertising technique. Having the ability to advertise products at the very top of a google search page, showing a picture and the price provides very targeted website visitors who are ready to make a purchase.



Google display is a great way to raise awareness of your business and encourage people to consider your products and services. The powerful audience targeting options mean that you can reach people who have an affinity with your brand or who are actually in the market for products and services similar to those that you sell.



Video ads are generally underutilised in most online campaigns, which is a real shame. You can run a large scale video campaign hosted on YouTube and promoted with Google Ads to thousands of targeted viewers for just a few hundred pounds.



Social Media

Social media advertising makes sense because you’re able to reach people where they spend their time, with ads for products and services where they already have an interest or affinity. Being able to combine text, images, video or even animations to tell a story & highlight a promotion gives you a powerful set of tools to connect with potential customers.

Incredibly granular audience targeting options enable you to reach a very specific group of people based on age, gender, location and interests. This means you could reach young female vegans in London with a lifestyle creative while running a different campaign creative to men in Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

An added bonus for social advertising is that people will very often tag friends, make comments or share the promoted posts, so you get even greater reach. The comments can provide invaluable insight into what people think about your promotion, essentially real time market research.



Facebook advertising really makes the most sense for B2C businesses, if you’re selling enterprise-level IT security to large corporations, then Facebook probably isn't for you. Offering a wide range of targeting methods and advertising formats, you have a powerful set of tools to reach the right people, with the right message and the right creative.


As part of Facebook, Instagram is a great way to reach people with visually stimulating content. Having a more female biased audience, online retailers have great success with Instagram. Women are far more likely to make a purchase online and are comfortable with the first interaction taking place on a social network like Instagram. Like Facebook, you can create a product catalogue on Instagram and make your posts shoppable.



For B2B focussed business, LinkedIn can be a really effective ad platform. Being able to target people by job role, organisation size, number of employees, industry, age, gender and location makes it possible to get your content in front of just the key decision makers and influencers. We’ve found that promoted content works much better than image ads on LinkedIn and helps set the tone for a professional business conversation.



Twitter has had a resurgence recently, after many people wrote it off a couple of years ago. The ad platform isn't perfect and does have some clunky and annoying features but being able to target followers of your competitors and industry influencers does make it a useful tool to have and can complement other campaigns on different social platforms.

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